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Photo Gallery


RI CDHH's 4th Annual Coffee Hour at RI State House - November 9, 2005




RI CDHH's 3rd Annual Coffee Hour at RI State House - November 17, 2004




RI CDHH hosted the strategic planning retreat - June 28, 2004





Farewell Party for departing Wayne Cook, Chairperson of the Commission - March 17, 2004




PARI's 31st Anniversary Celebration - December 11, 2003

Cardi's Furniture is recognized for making commitment to improve the services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in RI. Cardi's Furniture is one of the large contributors to TV Local News' Real-Time Closed Captioning.



RI CDHH's 2nd Annual Coffee Hour - November 19, 2003
Photographed by Edward Melusky




RI CDHH Gave Presentation at RIAD's quarterly Meeting - January 29, 2003





RI CDHH's 1st Annual Coffee Hour - November 20. 2002