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Relay Services

State Traditional Relay:

The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission (RI PUC), in accordance to a 1991 amendment of Chapter 39-1-42 of the Rhode Island General Laws, was mandated to establish and administer a statewide relay service with the assistance of the Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Hamilton Relay (www.hamiltonrelay.com/state_711_relay/state.html) entered a contractual agreement with RI PUC on August 1, 2001 to provide relay services. More detailed services for Rhode Island can be found on Hamilton's website. The contract is good for 4 years with an option to renew on the fifth year. As part of their obligation, Hamilton Relay is responsible to pick up the 711 calls from the State of Rhode Island.

711 is a national 3-digit number for anyone who wishes to make a call through the Relay service, from deaf/hard of hearing caller to voice caller or from voice caller to deaf/hard of hearing caller, both ways will work. All you need to do is to dial 711 and the relay service operator will pick up your call and ask for the phone number you wish to call.

For more information, please contact Courtenay Petracca, Outreach Coordinator of RI Relay:

Rhode Island Relay
Courtenay Petracca, Outreach Coordinator
2820 Hartford Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919
Tel: 401-934-1026
Fax: 401-934-1027
Cell: 401-368-5593
Email: Courtenay.Petracca@hamiltonrelay.com

Internet Protocol (IP) and Video Relay Services:

The Internet Protocol (IP) and Video Relay Services (VRS) are funded by the Federal Communication Commission through the National Exchange Carrier Association. IP Relay is used through computer and the internet and behaves very much like a traditional relay used by TTY and telephone. This creates several choices of access for the consumers as to how to make calls. Video Relay Service is a fast-growing and popular service used by deaf and hard of hearing consumers who can sign to an agent, a qualified interpreter, who facilitates the communication between the caller and the third party through the webcam or TV-based Cam device over the high speed internet.

IP Relay Services:

AT&T IP Relay - www.relaycall.com/national/relay.html

Hamilton IP Relay - www.hiprelay.com

i711.com - www.i711.com

MCI IP Relay - www.ip-relay.com

Sprint IP Relay - www.sprintip.com

Video Relay Services:

AT&T VRS - www.attvrs.com

CAC VRS - www.cacvrs.org

ZVRS - www.zvrs.com

Hawk Relay - www.hawkrelay.com

Hands On VRS using webcam - www.hovrs.com

Hands On VRS using videophone - www.hovrs.tv

Snap!VRS - www.snaptelecommunications.com

Sorenson VRS - www.sorensonvrs.com

Sprint VRS - www.sprintvrs.com

URrelay - www.URrelay.com