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Contact the Interpreter/CART Referral Service:



Requesting an Interpreter:

All relevant information below that the Referral Specialist needs when a request is made:

  • Name and phone number of paying party
  • Name of deaf or hard of hearing person (client/consumer)
  • Date, time, and place that interpreter is needed
  • Type of assignment (medical, legal, business, etc.)
  • Consumer's preferred communication mode (ASL, Signed English, Oral, CDI, Tactile)
  • Preferred interpreter if any

The Referral Specialist will attempt to secure an interpreter. If an interpreter is secured, the referral specialist will provide the interpreter(s) with your agency's name and pertinent information. The referral specialist will inform the interpreter(s) to contact your agency directly to arrange the meeting and payment.

Please Note:

1) Request an interpreter at least two weeks in advance of scheduled appointment. The more advance notice given, the more likely a request will be able to be filled.

2) Making a request for an interpreter, does not guarantee an interpreter will be found to fill the request.


Agency's Responsibilities:

  • All interpreters will be paid for a 2-hour minimum. Any questions regarding currently hourly rate, please contact the Referral Service.
  • Maintain contact with the client/consumer and the interpreter. It is important to keep both the client and interpreter informed of any changes that should occur in the scheduling.
  • Should your agency need to cancel, the interpreter is to be given 48 hours notice. If 48 hours notice is not given, your agency may be billed for the hours reserved.
  • Should the client/consumer not show up for the scheduled appointment; your agency is still responsible for paying the interpreter for the hours agreed upon.

More Interpreter Policies - Please click here PDF Document


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA):

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that ALL public accommodations (health care facilities, theatres, government agencies, etc.) be accessible to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals. This may include hiring an interpreter if requested. The deaf or hard of hearing consumer is NOT required to pay for the interpreter.

Team Interpreting:



Other Resources:

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