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Interpreter / CART: Consumers

1) What are your rights as the consumer?

Please click here to link NAD's Self Advocacy Web site


2) How do I file a complaint?


3) How do I express appreciation to the Interpreter/CART Referral Service?

Contact RI CDHH

Contact the Interpreter/CART Referral Service:

The Office Hours are from Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Voice: (401) 222-5300

TTY: (401) 222-5301

Videophone: (401) 354-7630

FAX: (401) 222-5736

Email: cdhh.interpreter@cdhh.ri.gov



4) Videos of interview with Referral Specialist

All of the videos below are captioned, conducted in American Sign Language, and spoken English.

1. Introduction - watch video

2. Referral Specialist's Roles - watch video

3. Freelance Interpreters - watch video

4. Referral Specialist's Typical Work -watch video

5. Emergency Request - watch video

6. Payment for Interpreters/CART - watch video

7. Unable to go to Medical Appt. - watch video

8. Preferred Interpreters or CART - watch video