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Hours - Emergency Interpreter Referral Service

After-hours Emergency Interpreter Services

Purpose: To be able to refer sign language interpreters during non-business hours including week nights, weekends, and holidays for any emergencies such as state of emergency, medical emergencies, police, mental health services, legal, and many other crisis-related response groups in the State of Rhode Island.

Medical - having to go to the Emergency room for an injury or illness that is suddenly occurring.

Mental Health - Having a Psychiatric Evaluation for a person in crisis.

Legal - An arrest, filing a restraining order, a rape crisis or any other legal situations.

State of Emergencies - Governor and Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency at their press conference and other its functions due to weather disasters, terrorisms, etc..

Vision: Every Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual to be able to communicate through sign language in a timely, accurate and effective manner with healthcare providers, mental health services, policemen/women, or any emergency respondents during any emergency incidents as required by the existing Federal laws.

The RI CDHH Interpreter Referral Specialist will schedule all freelance interpreters who want to be on the on-call duties one month in advance and submit it via e-mail or fax or snail mail to the operators/dispatchers at the answering service who will accept the emergency request calls.