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Digital TV Transition - Digital TV Information


ALL ANALOG TV will be CUT OFF on February 17, 2009.

Why? How? When?

This page has the list of resources related to the DTV transition that may answer some of your questions or concerns that you may have.

Resources from FCC


* The Digital TV Transition: What Do You Need To Know About DTV?
* What is Digital TV?
* A simple guide to the Digital Television Transition
* Basics of the Digital Transition
* The DTV Transition and Over-the-Air Viewers Along U.S. Borders
* Digital-to-Analog Converter Box – Selected Features
* Antennas and Digital Television
* Video Descriptions and the Digital Television Transition
* DTV Transition Does Not Require Cable Systems to Switch to Digital
* Satellite TV (DBS) Subscribers and the DTV Transition
* DTV Fact Sheet
* Closed Captioning for Digital Television (DTV)
* Closed Captioning and Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes for Viewing Free Over-the-Air Programming on Analog Televisions


* DTV Transition Information
* CSD-DTV Help Center (launched on February 9, 2009)


* CSD ASL and Captioning: Is Your TV Ready for Digital?
* CSD ASL and Captioning: What You Need To Be Ready?
* CSD ASL and Captioning: Hooking Up a Converter Box
* CSD ASL and Captioning: Options for DTV

* ASL and Captioning: Part 1: Overview of the DTV Transition
* ASL and Captioning: Part 2: What You Need to Know
* ASL and Captioning: Part 3: Closed Captioning and the DTV Transition

If the videos above were not shown, please try any video formats at http://www.dtv.gov/video_audio.html.

Try this! Video clip with captioning with Kevin O'Connor and Norm Abram of This Old House: Special 30-minute video clip with captioning.

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