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Resources: Voter Registration and Elections

On behalf of the RI Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Steven A. Florio, Executive Director, is launching his series of video log (vlog) about the upcoming election in Rhode Island. The election in 2014 will be one of the most active, engaging, and exciting elections in Rhode Island. Mr. Florio plans to post his monthly vlogs online for the whole year until January 2015, Governor's Inauguration. Each month will have a theme, all related to the Election, in the view of the deaf and hard of hearing population in Rhode Island. All vlogs will be captioned and conducted in American Sign Language.

RICDHH Election Year Vlogs:

January Vlog
Topic: "Introduction to Rhode Island 2014 Election Year"

February Vlog

Topic: "What is a Political Party?" and "What is a Voter Registration Card?"

March Vlog
Topic: "Term Limits" and "Candidates who run for the office"

April Vlog
Topic: "Deaf and Hard of Hearing citizens' Rights to Vote", "Rhode Island Matching Public Fund Program" and "RI State Law - Political Advertisement on TV and Radio"

May Vlog
Topic: "Voter Registration Day"

June Vlog
Topic: "Political Action Committee"

July Vlog
Topic: "Upates on the State Matching Public Fund Program" and "How to file a complaint related to the election process"

August Vlog
Topic: "What is the Primary Election?"

September Vlog
Topic: "The results from the Primary Election in RI"

October Vlog
Topic: "Questions on the Ballot"

December Vlog
Topic: "Inauguration"

Election Resources:

Rhode Island Disability Vote Project

Rhode Island Board of Elections

Rhode Island Voter Information Center

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