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Resources: Frequently Asked Questions

CDHH operates an information and referral service. We try to answer questions about Deaf and hard of hearing issues, hearing loss, ADA, and provide referrals. If you have a question, we will try and locate an answer. Examples of questions handled daily by our office: 'Where do I get a free amplified telephone?', 'How do I secure a sign language interpreter?', 'Do you have information about Meniere's Disease?', 'Where can I take sign language classes?' There are many resources for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the state of Rhode Island and around the country. Call and find out about these resources! Please click 'contact us' to make request.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Please click below (all either in PDF format or links)

Advocacy/Legal Rights
What is a doctor's responsibility for providing an sign language interpreter for a deaf patient?
Where do I file an ADA complaint?

American Sign Language
Where do I go to learn sign language?

Assistive Technology
Where do I get assistive listening devices/equipment?
Can I borrow assistive listening equipment?
Where can I get visual alerting devices?
Where do I buy or get an amplified telephone?
How does a TTY work? Please contact us
Where can I bring my TTY to be fixed?

Cochlear Implant
What is Cochlear Implant?
Where can I find the clinic for Cochlear Implant?
Are there Assisted Listenening Devices (ALD) for Cochlear Implant?

Communication Access
What is an American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter?
How do I secure an interpreter or CART?

Hearing Aids
Where can I find information about hearing aids?
Who do I contact with a complaint about my hearing aid?
Where can I get financial assistance for purchasing a hearing aid?

Interpreter Profession
How do I become an interpreter?
How do I find interpreter training programs?
How can I be added to the CDHH sign language interpreter referral list?
What is RID? How does someone become a certified interpreter?

Mental Health
Are there substance programs for deaf people?
Are there mental health professionals in RI that sign or are fluent in ASL?

Do you have information about HLA-RI?
Do you have information about RIAD?
Do you have a list of organization of and for the deaf and hard of hearing in RI?

RI Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
What does RI CDHH do?
Where is RI CDHH located?

Does CDHH have videotapes / books / periodicals that can be borrowed?
Where can I buy books, videos, products or gifts related to deaf and hard of hearing?
What is the number for RI Relay Service?
What is the number of deaf and hard of hearing in RI?
Can I have a 'Please Face Me' pin? Yes, You can! Please contact us!
Where can I find Audiology/Speech or ENT Services in Rhode Island?
Can I get information about deafness? Please contact us.
Are there job services that help deaf and hard of hearing people find work?
Where can I go to take speechreading or lip reading classes?
Can you send me information about Meinere's disease? Please contact us.