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Legislation in RI - 2011

State House

This page focuses on all legislations pertaining to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing issues or concerns. You may want to check where each bill stands at this point. Please click here to go to RI General Assembly Bill Status System. Make sure to put all 4 digit numbers ("7786" for House Bill 7786) next to "Bills:" and click on "enter" button on the screen. (not on the keyboard).

Current Legislations (Legislative Session in 2011):


***** Breaking News!!! Breaking News!!! Breaking News!! *****

There will be TWO (2) Hearings to be held today, one in the House chamber and one in the Senate chamber, on ALL bills. How does this work? The first hearing will be held in the HOUSE chamber in the HOUSE Lounge at the Rise (4:30pm). After all 4 bills be heard in the House, then we will walk over to the other side of the state house. The SENATE Health and Human Service Committee will wait for us before proceeding the hearing.

The legislative Services have posted four (4) bills to be heard at the HOUSE Health, Education, and Welfare Committee on Wednesday, April 13th, at the Rise (around 4:30pm) in the HOUSE Lounge. AND other (4) bills to be heard at the SENATE Health and Human Services Committee in Room 212 on the same day.

The Interpreter and CART service have been secured. Your presence for the hearing would be greatly appreciated.

1. House Bill 5798/Senate Bill 0460 - Communication Access Services (New bill this year)

This bill would require the insurance to cover the communication access services (interpreter, CART, etc.) for any type of appointments to see family doctors, dentists, specialists, mental health counselors, etc. for the treatments.


2. House Bill 5851/Senate Bill 0476 - Hearing Aids (Same bill as last year)

It would increase the coverage from $1,500 for hearing aids to a full cost of hearing aids for children and from $700 to $1,500 for adults.


3. House Bill 5859/Senate Bill 0477 - Implantable Hearing Devices (Same bill as last year)

This would cover the implantation of FDA approved devices and post-surgery treatments/services as well.


4. House Bill 5799/Senate Bill 0302 - Board of Interpreter for the Deaf (New bill this year)

This bill would improve the board composition, board's exercises, and procedures and it would add a new license requirement for K-12 educational interpreters.

House Health, Education, and Welfare Committee

Senate Health and Human Services Committee


(Posted 4/13/11)