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Profesional Services

This page is intended for direct communication through American Sign Language by the Professional Service Providers for any types of services in the Rhode Island area.

Counseling and Evaluations

Suzanne S. Borstein, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist
935 Park Avenue, Suite 206
Cranston, RI 02910-2748
V/TTY: (401) 941-2159
Fax: (401) 941-2156
Email: ssb@DrBorstein.com

Suzanne S. Goldenberg, LICSW
Clinical Social Worker
1421 Narragansett Blvd
Cranston, RI 02905
Voice: (401) 467-0765
Email: ssgoldenberg@cox.net

Caroline Obrecht, LICSW
Wayland Psychotherapy
120 Wayland Ave, Suite 4A
Providence, RI 02906
Voice: (401) 273-7077
Fax: (401) 273-9997

Debra J. Raiche, A.A., L.C.D.P.
Coordinator of Services for the Deaf
Bridgemark Addiction Recovery Service
2020 Elmwood Avenue
Warwick, RI 02888
Tel: (401) 354-7640 or
(401) 781-2700
Fax: (401) 781-2790
Email: draiche@bridgemark.org
Web site: www.bridgemark.org

Robert Raphael, Ph.D
Delta Consultants West
1395 Atwood Avenue
Johnston, RI 02919
Voice: (401) 944-9888
Fax: (401) 944-5888
Email: bobr@edgenet.net
Jim Simon, LICSW
Clinical Supervisor
Perspective Corporation
Youth & Family Services
1130 Ten Rod Rd Bldg C, Ste 201
North Kingston, RI 02852
Voice: (401) 721-5657
VP: (866) 971-4771
Email: Jsimon@perspectivescorportation.com
Web site: www.perspectivescorporation.com


Dental Service

Neil Leahey, DMD
General Dentist
City Dental
314F Pocasset Ave
Providence, RI 02909
Voice 401 942 5051
Fax 401 942 5156


TTY Repair/Maintenance Services

Edwin Medeiros
Sales & Service
RI TTY Service Center
48 Jenks Street
East Providence, RI 02914
TTY: 401-438-1116
FAX: 401-438-9299
Email: emedeiros@juno.com

(This list is provided for informational purposes only. Inclusion or exclusion of professional service provider does not constitute approval or disapproval by the Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (RICDHH). Send additions, corrections or deletions to the RICDHH office. )