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For Requestors

Sign Language Interpreters and CART providers can be obtained by contacting the Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (RICDHH).

What Do I Do?

Contact the Interpreter/CART Referral Service to secure an interpreter or CART by the following contact information: 

  • (401) 222-5300 Voice    
  • (401) 222-5301 TTY    
  • (401) 354-7630 Videophone     
  • (401) 222-5736 Fax     
  • Email:        

The following information is required when making a request:

  1. Name and phone number of paying party
  2. Name of deaf or hard of hearing person (client/consumer)
  3. Date, time, and place that service is needed
  4. Type of assignment (medical, legal, business, etc.)
  5. Consumer’s preferred communication mode for interpreter (ASL, Signed English, Oral, CDI, Tactile)
  6. Preferred interpreter or CART provider if any

Once we have this information we will request an interpreter or CART provider from our list of qualified professionals. Please place your request at least 2 weeks in advance as our providers work on a freelance basis and have other assignments. Placing your request does not guarantee that we will be able to fill it. 

Paying Party’s Responsibilities

  • All interpreters and CART providers will be paid for a 2-hour minimum.  Any questions regarding currently hourly rate, please contact the Referral Service.
  • Maintain appointment with the client/consumer and the interpreter or CART provider.  It is important to keep both the client and service provider informed of any changes that should occur in the scheduling.
  • Should your agency need to cancel, the interpreter is to be given 48 business hours notice and 24 business hours notice for the CART provider.  If the cancellation notice is not given, the paying party is still responsible for payment of the service for specified hours.

Additional considerations related to interpreter billing:

Link to Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Standard Practice Paper for Billing Considerations