Year Event
1977 Commission on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired was created (without any funding)
1983 Telephone Service for the Deaf (TDD) Bill was passed (Now the Adaptive Telephone Equipment Loan Program ATEL)
1987 A budget of $1,000 to pay for interpreters at CDHI meetings was provided.
1987 CDHI “office” at the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities was established (3rd drawer down in the main file cabinet).

Governor DiPrete with CDHH

Signing of the Jury Bill with Governor DiPrete and members of the deaf community.

1990 Pilot program for Interpreter Referral Service was established.
1991 Task Force to develop new Commission was created.
1992 General Assembly bill to restructure the old CDHI and create the new CDHH was passed.
1992 First meeting of the Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CDHH) was held.
1993 CDHH’s statewide Interpreter Referral Service was established.

Governor Almond with CDHH

Governor Almond with Members of the Deaf Community.

1999 CDHH’s first Executive Director was hired.
1999 CDHH’s eighth Legislative Mandate, “Coordinating Council to Implement Strategic Plan for Deaf and hard of Hearing Children” was added.
2001 Total of CDHH Commissioners was increased to 13.
2002 CDHH’s first Deaf Executive Director was hired.

Governor Carcieri with Steve Florio

Agency’s first Deaf Executive Director with Governor Carcieri

2003 Statewide Interpreter Referral Service was moved in-house.
2005 CDHH’s Emergency Interpreter Referral Service was launched.
2006 CDHH’s ninth Legislative Mandate was added (Track the yearly services provided by exempted interpreters).
2009 Pilot Program for Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Referral Service was established.
2010 CDHH’s statewide CART Referral Service was added.
2013 CDHH’s Emergency and Public Communication Access Program (EPCAP) was added.
2016 CDHH’s fourth FTE, Staff Interpreter, was added.