Complaints: ASL Interpreters

If you believe the ASL Interpreter had violated his/her Conduct of Professional Code, you may file a complaint with RI Department of Health (license) and/or Registry Interpreters for the Deaf and RICDHH.

1. RI Department of Health

Board of Examiners

The Department of Health is responsible for licensing interpreters in RI, statutes, and regulations for interpreters, and for hearing complaints

To see who is certified interpreter in the State of RI, click here (Interpreters of the Deaf License).

2. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)

To file a complaint re Code of Professional Conduct (1):

Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) – click here (video)

(1) RID’s Ethical Practice Systems Policy Manual can walk you through the process. It may take 6 to 8 months’ process for actions and a resolution.

Important Notes:
Your complaint must show (and prove) a violation conducted by the ASL Interpreter. If your complaint is a concern i.e. ASL Interpreter’s signing skills and/or receptive skills, it is not considered a violation of RI’s license rules & regulations.

If you need some assistance how to write and file a complaint, please feel free to call, VP or stop by RICDHH office. One of the RICDHH staff will work with you to file your complaint.