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Main RICDHH Office (To contact Interpreter/CART Referral Service, please see below):

Interpreter/CART Referral Service:

RICDHH Mailing Address:

Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Department of Administration Building
One Capitol Hill, Ground Level
Providence, RI 02908-5850


Steven A. Florio, Executive Director


Pamela Zellner, Program Manager

Holly photo
Holly St. Pierre, Interpreter/CART Referral Specialist




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Directions to RI CDHH from North and South

From South:

1. Take 95 North to State Offices Exit (Exit #23).

2. At the top of the exit is a traffic light. Go Straight. (go to directions #6 below)

From North:

1. Take 95 South to State Offices Exit (Exit #23)

2. At the bottom of the exit, turn right at the stop sign. Immediately get in the left lane.

3. Take first left. Marriott Hotel will be on the right.

4. Go through one traffic light. At second traffic light, turn right onto Orms Street.

5. At first light, turn left onto State Street.

6. Metered parking is available near the Department of Administration Building.

7. You want to go in the large, pinkish colored building. This is the Department of Administration Building.

Please Note: The parking lots with gates are not available until 3pm.

directions map